Dr. J.J. Hurtak & Dr. Desiree Hurtak

Understanding our Image and Similitude of Light

for Transformation

02-04 June 2017, Dornbirn, Austria

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The Second of the 'Last 10 Keys'

Dr. J.J. Hurtak, author of The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch®, and Dr. Desiree Hurtak will be conducting a three-day seminar conference on the second chapter or Key 4-0-2 of the Keys of Enoch and Metatron. This is information shown to Dr. Hurtak by Enoch and Metatron to further reveal the power of the Shekinah behind who we are in a vast and awesome universe.

This presentation is the next information on The Key that reveals how “We Are the Image” as Adamic creation. Here we explore the uniqueness of the human image amidst the evidences of Cosmic Creation and life in the universe. We will also explore the spiritual gifts of higher consciousness that are central to the choices we have to make to discern the various realities. As we learn to understand the power of the Most High within all living things, we discover that we are part of a higher evolutionary process, which also exists at the deepest levels of our human nature. As described also in The Keys of Enoch®, we are on a pathway towards a new trans-human existence, that is working with a vast holarchy of intelligences including the angelic messengers. From the DNA within our body to the experiences with Higher Intelligence we are discovering that we are part of a greater Divine Plan of Creation.

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«Kulturhaus», Dornbirn, Austria
02-04 June 2017
Starts: Friday 11am — Ends: Sunday 10pm
Registration and hall opens Friday at 9am
Seminar fee: € 270.- or CHF 305.-

A seminar with Drs. J.J. Hurtak and Desiree Hurtak is a special kind of experience. Their teaching method is comprised of several components:

  • Meditation, music and recitation of Sacred Names
  • Work on a spiritual theme using sacred texts and The Keys of Enoch
  • Documentation of new findings from science and archaeology

The presentations include fascinating audio and video material and invite participants to serious scriptural study. Music and prayer are seen as major educational tools for the soul. For this seminar please bring The Keys of Enoch and a Bible. The new text of Key 402 will be available in English at the book table. The conference is given in English and will be translated into several languages (German, French, Italian, Russian).