Participate online – Pentecost 2023


Partial live stream of the conference over Zoom.

There is nothing more important than the creation of the field of the active Family of Light in personal encounter and study. We can only achieve this by making the effort to come together in person. This is why we have hundreds of participants at our conference regardless of external challenges. For those who can absolutely not travel, we decided to offer a part of the conference via live stream on Zoom.

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To view the proceedings over live stream you must register on Zoom for each day separately. Each day of the seminar has its own Zoom link. The cost per day is 113 EUR.

The conference begins on Friday at 13.00h, and on Saturday and Sunday at 10.00h.

Translations into German, French, Italian, Spanish

Register for each day using the following links. Payment through Paypal only:

Register for Day 01, Friday 26 May 2023. The seminar begins at 13.00h (1:00PM)zoom accesso windows

Register for Day 02, Saturday 27 May 2023. The seminar begins at 10.00h (10:00AM)

Register for Day 03, Sunday 28 May 2023. The seminar begins at 10.00h (10:00AM)

 Please make sure to download the latest Zoom version to avoid connection issues!