Journey to Egypt

New Date: 15-23 November 2021

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AFFS Journey to Egypt

15-23 November 2021

So much of the Keys of Enoch can only be understood in the light of the teachings and mysteries of Egypt and a much earlier archaeology that brings us into contact with a higher blueprint of life. Enoch is said to be the builder of the Great Pyramid of Giza, Joseph and Moses were initiated into all the ancient mysteries of the land of the Mitzraim, and Jesus spent most of his early years in Egypt. Egypt is fundamental to our understanding of the origin and destiny of humankind and represents the prime meridian of the energy grid of the Earth.

This is a unique opportunity to explore the sacred sites of Giza in the context of the Keys of Enoch studies and the vibrations of the Sacred Names.

Among the notable sites on our itinerary will be special private access to the Great Pyramid and the Tomb of Osiris. We will also visit extraordinary sites in Saqqara and Dashur as well as sacred coptic-christian places such as the church of Zeitun where Christians and Muslims alike claim to have seen a light manifestation of the Divine Mother as Mary.

More information will be published soon. Please note that guides and study presentations will be in English.

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